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Recap and Projection for MemberPAC Members Part 2

16 Feb 2023 8:15 PM | Kristy Curtin (Administrator)

2022 Survey Results and alternative groups to serve interest of members

The 2022 survey of members has helped MemberPAC recognize that our members’ focus has shifted from Medical Mandates to Freedom of Speech as the primary issue. We have identified several groups that currently offer Freedom of Speech as their focus where our members would be better assisted with these potential issues. We hope to find a group that would create a unique landing page to welcome MemberPAC members to join their cause.

We are adamant about respecting the privacy of our members. We will avoid sharing any of your personally identifiable information (PII) with any potential successor organization. We will provide you, the member, the opportunity to opt-in for the successor organizations. Accordingly, we plan to distribute to PAC members a memorandum inviting you to contact the successor organizations directly, in support of the issues of greatest importance to each of you.

We invite you to provide your feedback on the attached list of groups, to let us know which of themyou feel would be best suited for our member group to consider.

On behalf of PAC, we appreciate your interest and support, and look forward to taking the next steps together.

Future of MemberPAC.pdf

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