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Recap and Projection for MemberPAC Members Part 1

16 Feb 2023 8:11 PM | Kristy Curtin (Administrator)

What Started MemberPAC and What Expectations We Had

Do you recall the initial email received through our parent affiliation organization Ingersoll Lockwood in September 2021 calling for a membership drive? That prompted members to respond in financial kind to collectively gather with other like-minded people all across the United States because of resistance to medical mandates, and related freedom of speech issues.

This grassroots collective of 750 members came together because of the same common goals, to fight against the medical mandates that employers were enforcing, and to enjoy our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech in doing so. We hoped to provide an avenue to help members stand against the medical mandates, and to secure their freedom of speech rights, by hiring a Constitutional attorney who could evaluate cases (at no cost to the PAC member) and represent each of us individually or collectively, if there were multiple members with common legal matters.

What MemberPAC Has Accomplished

Since early 2022, we have provided a Members Website landing page, with links and support for member concerns.  This continues on a regular basis.

We have conducted 2 extensive surveys, to identify and base action on the most prominent issues facing our members.  The top 3 issues have consistently been medical/vaccination mandates, freedom of speech, and Second Amendment rights.

As noted below, PAC has provided the Attorney Case Evaluation benefit.

We have consulted and reached out to other established organizations to seek ways to cooperate with them in supporting the stated needs of PAC members.

Summary of PAC Attorney Evaluation Benefit  

The Peaceful American Constitutionalists has forged a relationship with Olson & Olson, P.A. which enables members to obtain advice and counsel on a variety of constitutional issues as a no-cost benefit of their membership.

During the past ten months, Olson & Olson has received and responded to inquiries on matters ranging from gun rights to vaccination/masking requirements to 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech rights.

Many of these inquiries have come from members who have been aggrieved by employers’ decisions to either terminate them or refuse to extend existing employment contracts. Olson & Olson has responded to these inquiries by emailing documents containing the statutes, regulations, and case law relevant in the particular member’s jurisdiction. Additionally, the firm has suggested whether or not the facts presented by a member rise to the level of a cognizable legal claim.

Since the lawyers from Olson & Olson are not admitted to practice in many members’ jurisdictions, PAC also has established a relationship with LegalShield, which provides legal services to members in states throughout the United States. As a result, once an initial evaluation reveals a cognizable basis for further legal action, Olson & Olson is able torefer the member to LegalShield representatives from their specific jurisdiction.

For your convenience, here is the LegalShield contact for PAC members:  We wish to remind PAC members that LegalShield does compensate PAC for this service, and the funds are used to support our mission.

2022 Survey Results

Our 2022 Survey received 95 responses with Free Speech as the top pick from members. This is a transition from when members originally responded in 2021 with Medical Mandates as the top choice. Looking forward our next email will discuss other alternatives that we hope members will consider joining and provide input.

Reality Check for the Future

Based on our experience in growing the membership base, we must recognize the initial momentum that drove members and our board to form MemberPAC in 2021 has not continued. We have been looking at alternatives to serve the interests of our members and provide resources that will help members continue these efforts moving forward.

We want to remind members that membership dues are paid through July 2023 and members will continue to have access to request support from our retained Constitutional Attorney, Kurt Olson through the jotform facility on our member website. Worth sharing that with every mention of this, members have responded and submitted inquiries. Please take advantage of our partnership with Mr. Kurt Olson by submitting your inquiry through the member website here:  

This can be found through the Resources, Attorney page and scroll to the bottom of the page for the jotform link. A link is provided for your convenience; however you will need to sign into the website to access this page. 

In Closing

On behalf of PAC, we appreciate each of our members, your interest and support, and look forward to taking the next steps together.

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