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April Newsletter

3 Apr 2022 7:59 PM | Kristy Curtin (Administrator)

Dear MemberPAC Members,

We are pleased to send this “No April Fool” message to you to provide an update on our progress this past month.

Of course, the biggest news is that the portal is now operational.  You can sign in, access a growing group of member benefits, file Constitutional cases with our retained attorneys, and keep in touch on a regular basis.

We have been receiving legal case inquiries, which are being evaluated by Attorney Kurt Olson, and responses are provided to our members on the next steps to take in the individual matters.  For those with legal matters beyond the scope of Constitutional issues, we have arranged for more general legal services provided by the LegalShield organization.

We continue to reach out to other organizations concentrating on the top Constitutional issues identified in the survey of our members.  As reported earlier, these issues are (#1) Medical (vaccination mandate); (#2) Freedom of Speech; and (#3) Second Amendment.  As we establish alliances to leverage our own facilities, we will report to you on an ongoing basis.

We are pleased to include in this newsletter reference to two current cases which have important implications to PAC members:

Employees of several airlines have brought a legal action to prevent their employers from requiring them to be vaccinated or to wear masks as a condition of continued employment.

A judge in Pennsylvania has ordered a local school board to immediately rescind a mask mandate for students and faculty at the schools within their jurisdiction.

These are both cases we continue to follow closely, as their outcomes will place us in a better position to serve the stated needs of our members.

On behalf of the Peaceful American Constitutionalists membership, we encourage you to log on at to set up your account and create your profile and privacy preferences.

We also encourage you to help with our membership drive by referring new members.  For a limited time, the paid dues period for new members as well as our original members of PAC has been extended to July 4, 2023.

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