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Peaceful American Constitutionalists is an affiliate organization of Ingersoll Lockwood, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company.

Also known as MemberPac, this private membership organization operates as an online facility to support members who have identified issues of importance with Constitutional implications.

At the outset, broad interest in MemberPAC was demonstrated by the prompt response by hundreds of initial members. Once the minimum hurdle for subscriptions was reached (in only 3 weeks), the first membership drive was paused until a robust website could be set up to serve the interests of the members.

In the meantime, MemberPAC launched a survey to learn which Constitutional issues are most important to the members. The results of the survey will be published once the website is operational. Like the other services and facilities for the members, these results are proprietary and will not be accessible outside the membership.

While the MemberPAC organization recognizes that there are numerous worthy organizations in place with similar missions, it is also apparent that there is an important role to be played by this new and creative means of bringing together people who wish to discuss and confront Constitutional issues they encounter.

We will endeavor to update and keep current all aspects of the MemberPAC website as we undertake this exciting journey together.

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